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Monster Mavericks
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Monster Mavericks

By: Megalodon
When: 1990s
Where: Mavericks
Who: Jay Moriary, Brock Little, Mike Parsons, Ken Bradshaw, Mark Foo, Peter Mel Flea Virostko, Evan Slater, Josh Loya, Jeff Clark, Doc Renneker, Grant Washburn
Music: It, Vincent's Ear, Good Riddance, Exploring Crustaceans, Witchhook Sky, Gun's N Wankers, Junk Sick Dawn


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Wild rides and psychotic wipeouts on unbelievably huge waves. Great water and land footage of `The meanest spot on earth and interviews with the hellmen who charge it. You have glimpsed the intensity of Mavericks on the covers and in the folds of all the surfing magazines, in every major newspaper across the US, and on network TV. Now you can get the big picture. See Jay Moriarys now famous Surfer Magazine front cover wipeout from top to bottom, frame by excuciating frame. And believe it or not you will see worse. Features big wave riders from around the world including Brock Little, Mike Parsons, Ken Bradshaw, and Mark Foo (including his fateful last ride). See the new generation surfers Peter Mel Flea Virostko, Evan Slater, and Josh Loya dueling the monster green beasts with the local Mavericks pioneers Jeff Clark, Doc Renneker, and Grant Washburn. Never in the history of surfing has a surf spot received or earned this much publicity. Surfer Magazine says, See it before you paddle out. Monster Mavericks is what the California Winter is all about. If you want to see some heavy waves and wipeouts this is the video to get. Produced by Mark Matovich. Photography by Stephen Spaulding - Mike Peralta

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