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Mavericks A Documentary Film
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Mavericks A Documentary Film

By: Clearwater Films
When: 1998
Where: Mavericks
Who: Grant Washburn, Alex Matienzo, Jeff Clark, Peter Mel, Doc Renneker, Jay Moriarity


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Seven years in the making, this classic film records the story, characters, tragedies and big rides that made Maverick???s notorious. This comprehensive epic documents the heaviest wave in the world and the big wave riders who dared to accept its challenge.Mavericks is a new kind of surf film, its got crossover appeal beyond the world of surfing. It has tension, humor, drama, tragedy, and a sense of history. A remarkable story of discovery. Face to face with death in the deep. Mavericks comes off as an almost living being, a ferocious, untamed sea god capable of wrath against all who display arrogance in its face. Puts you in the moment during some of the heaviest wipeouts in surfing history. Director Grant Washburn (who plays dual roles here as both a part of Mavericks history and one of its main historians) gives the story behind the discovery, the pioneers and the media hype this wave has endured. The film includes interview with everyone from Alex Matienzo, one of the first surfers to see it, to Jeff Clark, Peter Mel Doc Renneker, Jay Moriarity and a handful of the other original crew members. Famous winters and sessions are laid out chronologically, and in fascinating detail, from chilling double-wave hold-downs to famous wipeouts to the invasion of newcomers.

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