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Magna Plasm
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Magna Plasm

By: Volcom
When: 1998
Where: Baja, North Shore,Tahiti, Indonesia, Calfornia, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia
Who: Bruce Irons, Gavin Beschen, Shawn "Barney" Barron, Kai Garcia, Tai Van Dyke, Kamalei Alexander, Dave Post
Music: Nick Nichol, Adolescents, Jimi Hendrix, Zeke, Ween, Pink Floyd, Melvins


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Theres an awful lot going on in MagnaPlasm both visually and aurally, a lot of experimentation with film formats, water and land angles, flashy editing, odd but perfect music and even claymation. Troy Eckert and Richard Woolcott put a tremendous amount of work into their videos, which is why they produce one every five years or so, but its also why they are one of the best things going in the surf video world. The core of MagnaPlasm is good surfing (most of its good, anyway), in all kinds of surf, from junk Newport to barreling Baja to the familiar North Shore to the mysterious outer islands. Bruce Irons is the lead man here, a natural surfing talent whose style reflects the natural beauty of his home state of Kauai.

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