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Loose Change
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Loose Change

By: Poor Specimen
When: 1999
Where: Mentawais, Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, France, Reunion Island
Who: Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Shane Dorian, Taylor Knox, Kalani Robb, Bruce Irons, Tim Curran, Benji Weatherly, the Malloys, Taj Burrow, Rizal Tanjung, Chris Ward, Ross Williams, Jay Larson, Conan Hayes, Brad Gerlach
Music: Jack Johnson, Blink 182, Pennywise, Ben Harper, Sprung Monkey, Rocket From the Crypt, Furious IV, Pivit, Supersuckers, Los Infernos, Flogging Molly, The Scotch Greens, Road Kings, Fluf, Jeremy Kay.


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Taylor Steele explores the concept - What if the top surfers never started surfing? Mixed in with insane barrels and air is the acted story of each character in their non-surfing form. It is funny but thank god they did start surfing. ***** OB
The surfing world is due for a change, but can this be it? The Taylor Steele film to end all Taylor Steele films. After months of intense brainstorming (watching Caddy Shack, Animal House, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and other cinematic classics), Taylor and friends came up with the idea to make a surf movie with a plot and some real acting! And so Loose Change was made. Revel in amazing surf footage and ride along with Rob Machado as he checks in on all your favorite riders, trying to answer the question: the world???s best surfers.but, what if they didn???t surf?

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