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By: Peak Productions
When: 1998
Where: California
Who: Mark Occhillupo, Johnny-Boy Gomes, Michael Ho, Shane Powell, Luke Egan, Pat O'Connell, Shea Lopez, Shane Dorian, Chris Ward, Dino Andino, Matt Hoy, Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, Shane Beschen, Sunny Garcia
Music: Load 30 Ft. Whipper, The Ziggens, Ka Au Crater Boys, Slightly Stoopid, Satriani, DJ Yamaguchi, Filibuster


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If only those once-in-a-decade El Nino swells would come along once a week, or even once a month, southern Orange County wouldnt be such a bad place to live. Thats the lesson of Chris Baumans Joyride, which features high-quality winter surf at Heroins and Rights off the Point. Bauman diligently captured the brightest moments of this years wet, woolly winter and was on it when local surfers like Pat OConnell and Kasey Curtis reveled in double-overhead, fast, barreling point surf in their backyards. He even includes a quick shot of Killer Dana living up to its name, an outer reef breaking at 12-feet plus, which isnt something you see every day in these parts.

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