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Musica Surfica
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Musica Surfica

By: Mick Sowry
When: 2009
Where: Australia
Music: Australian Chamber Orchestra


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Musica Surfica is the brainchild of Derek Hynd, who organised a group of surfers to meet up on Australias remote King Island to surf without fins and to interact to some of the members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Tom Wegener, Tom Carrol and Hynd are just a few of the world class surfers and shapers that fill this film with frictionless, fin free sliding and spinning in some amazingly beautiful waves. The group ride everything from Wegeners ancient Hawaiian replicas of 16ft Olos to Hynds progressive finless foam shapes. The music is as interesting as the surfing and the experimental and ecclectic nature of this film is both inspring and interesting to watch.

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