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Longboard Habit
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Longboard Habit

By: Burnt Toast / Katz Eye
When: 2008
Who: Chad Marshall, Trace Marshall, Bonga Perkins, Kevin Connelly, Joel Tudor, Allen Sarlo, CJ Nelson


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Longboard Habit - Surfing Without A Cure is a double feature longboard surfing video, including Profiles in Style and Days Like This and Profiles in Style lines up 33 under five minute movies, each individually featuring many of the worlds best longboarders. Days Like This is a one-hour exploration into the soul of our surf addiction. Surfers: Chad Marshall, Trace Marshall, Bonga Perkins, Taylor Jensen, Phil Rajzman, Colin McPhillips, Kai Sallas, Kevin Connelly, Joel Tudor, Dylan Jones, Quintin Macklin, Jen Smith, Josh Samuel, Ben Samuel, Janna Irons, Oliver Parker, Sean Tully, Brendan White, Matthew Moir, Carla Rowland, Sam MacLennan, Josh Baxter, Cole Robbins, Brett Robbins, Allen Sarlo, CJ Nelson, Josh Farberow, Kassia Meador, Billy Harris, Christian Wach, Daniel Graham, Devon Howard, Guy Takayama, Noah Shimabukuro, Blake Michael, Jimbo Borland, Shane Borland, Mary Osborne, Jimmy Gamboa, Vince Felix and more

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