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Holy Water
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Holy Water

By: Gotcha
When: 1999
Where: Teahupoo, Tahiti
Who: Gerlach, Sullivan, Perrow, Seddon, Hayes, Abberton, Young, Cohn, Fletcher
Music: Primal Scream, Apoplygma Berzerk, Sixteen Deluxe, Bugs, Badmarsh, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Sentinals


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Holy Water documents the incredible Gotcha Pro ASP contest held at Teahupoo, Tahiti in 1998. For three days the waves were perfect and the crew charged on the heaviest barrels. The biggest barrels ever are in this video. Nearly unrideable waves are tamed by some of the best surfers. They had to draw the line between what was rideable or not. Comments like "put my life on the line" from surfer Conan Hayes tells it all! Beautiful scenery and festive Tahitian culture included with cool music. Produced by Brock Little and Gotcha. The short length of this video is balanced by the intensity of the surf - and about 20 minutes of good trailer footage.

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