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Hawaiian Watermen
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Hawaiian Watermen

By: Greg Huglin Films
When: 1999
Where: Hawaii, Pipe Master's
Who: The Hawaiian Watermen
Music: The Eliminators


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Greg Huglin, cameraman extrodenair who contributed to many of the most popular movies of the early eighties, split from surfing to work in Hollywood. Now hes back with the most visually stunning movie out of the Hawaii you have ever seen. Shot entirely in 35mm film in perhaps the best place on the planet to be doing so, the footage in Hawaiian Watermen is nothing short of beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that the entire movie is in slow motion. H.W. takes you to Peahi (a.k.a. Jaws) on the island of Maui. Experience the new breed of surfer, the tow-in surfer, challenging 40 to 50 foot monsters.

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