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Girls Rip
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Girls Rip

By: Katz Eye
When: 2005


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Girls Rip surfing video dvd is the best of the best in womens longboarding, featuring Swamis, Cardiff, Huntington, Malibu, Rincon and other classic breaks. Girls Rip captures this exciting moment in the evolution of surfing. Featuring: Mary Osborne, Kassia Meador, Carla Rowland, Schuyler McFerran, Ashley Lloyd, Julie Cox, Kim Hamrock, Sophie Sarlo, Kim Mearig, Lauren McFarland, Margaret Yao, Mary Schwinn, Prue Jeffries, Belinda Baggs, Mary Bagalso, Julie Whitegon, Jenn Smith, Summer Romero. Music By: Insect Surfers, Greg Ribot, Grampas Grass, Incendio, Raging Arb and the Redheads, The Bottletones, Jackass, The Shakes, Cliff Sarde, The Black Widows, Ashley Lloyd and Jimmy Adams and Friends.

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 2005   Girls Rip