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Dirty South 2
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Dirty South 2

By: Digital Wunderland
When: 2007
Where: North Carolina, Florida


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From the famed beach breaks of North Carolinas Outer Banks to the ultra competitive line up of Sebastian Inlet Florida The Dirty South 2 surfing video is a true story about being a surfer on the East Coast. Brought to life in classic Super 8 Film, Hi Definition and Digital Video. Featuring: Kelly Slater, The Lopez Bros, CJ Hobgood, Peter Mendia, Ben Bourgeois, Aaron Cormican, Jesse Hines, Matt Gilligan, The Heverly Family, Tommy OBrien, Billy Hume, Wes Laine, Kyle Garson, Mark Yonkers, Lucas Rogers, David Chambers, Hopper Brendan, Petticrew and more.

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 2007  Dirty South 2