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By: Back 40 Productions
When: 2008


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Skimming the talent pool of hundreds of Santa Cruzs finest surfers, the ANTICS surfing video takes a look at fourteen of the most influential longboarders in this talent-rich scene. And although the primary focus is high-performance longboarding, logging, shortboarding and fish are mixed together to remove the stigma of taking sides. At the end of the day its all surfing and its all fun. Traveling miles up and down the north coast fueled by burritos, drinking too much coffee and listening to your favorite heavy metal, the story rocks on! Starring: CJ Nelson, Tanner Beckett, Dane Perlee, Wingnut, Steve Thomas, Thomas Bischoff, Micala Eastman, Josh Rothman, Ashley Lloyd, John Carilli, Darshan Gooch, Woody Robinson, Shylo Steinthal and Jason Ratboy Collins. Soundtrack By: Motorhead, Iron Maiden, White Snake, Cinderella, Dirty Penny.

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