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A Sunshine Sea
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A Sunshine Sea

By: Greg MacGillivray - Jim Freeman
When: 1971
Where: Portugal, France, Hawaii, California
Who: David Nuuhiwa, Nat Young, Mark Martinson, Bill Hamilton


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ASP 1998 World TourIn a world of industrialization, population, explosion, and environmental destruction the surfer somehow has managed to establish a wonderful harmony with the oceans waves and nature. The Sunshine Sea is a film about the changes that have raised the art of surfing from the limitations of the past to the free and easy harmony of today. Greg Macgillivray and Jim Freeman embark on a surfers odyssey with champion surfers David Nuuhiwa, Nat Young, Mark Martinson, and Bill Hamilton in Portugal, France, Hawaii, and California. From the makers of the all time classic, Five Summer Stories, comes The Sunshine Sea, a reflection of the happiness of surfing. Clips from "Waves of Change" were used in this film. [ref]

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