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Football Schmootball
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Football Schmootball

By: Volcom
When: 2002
Where: North Shore of Oahu
Who: Bruce Irons, Chava Greenlee, Tai Van Dyke, Ozzy Wright, Gavin Bechen


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Welcome to Football Shmootball: a North Shore diary shot entirely on 16mm film in the span of four months (November 2001 to February 2002). Football Shmootball gives you the viewer a look at the unforgiving playing fields of the Pipeline, the Volcom House and the North Shore of Oahu both in and out of the water.You will experience behind the scenes antics from the boys who have lived and breathed the ensuing mayhem at the Volcom House. This journal will give you an insightfulperspective of what it really takes to survive on the infamous North Shore. So put on your shoulder pads, tighten your jock and get ready to (press) play.

Shot entirely on 16mm film, this stunningly gorgeous documentary records four months of surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. Travelling to famed locations well-known among enthusiasts, the filmmakers also visit some extremely talented athletes. With interviews and candid footage of Volcolm-sponsored surfers, FOOTBALL SCHMOOTBALL provides a look at some truly awesome surfers, and their lifestyles when they're not riding the waves.

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