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Unsalted: A Great Lakes Experience
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Unsalted: A Great Lakes Experience

By: Vince Deur
When: 2007
Where: Michigan, Great Lakes
Who: Joe Curren, Bron Huessenstamm, Colin McPhillips


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One Part Obsession, One Part Addiction, Andan Unending Quest For Adventure Makes Great Lakes Surfers A Truly Rare Breed. Join filmmaker and surfer Vince Deur (Grand Haven, Michigan) on a road trip around the five great lakes to meet the surfers who have made surfing these stormy waters a way of life for over 40 years. Unsalted surfing dvd is an adventure of the spirit, it makes the case for unwavering optimism in the face of adversity and gives you the great feeling you get from being a surfer and riding waves. Often, it is the adventure of searching for the waves and what you had to endure, that can make that session so memorable and special.

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 2007  Unsalted: A Great Lakes Experience