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Epoxy 101 Shaping
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Epoxy 101 Shaping



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Why Epoxy? Epoxy resin and EPS foam have been around for years now but these materials haven`t been widely used because of a scarcity of information of just how easy it is to make surfboards with this new technology. Epoxy resins and hardeners have vastly improved in the last several years making them much easier to use. Boards made with EPS Foam and Epoxy resin tend to be lighter, stronger, flex more and be better for the environment and board maker than traditional foam and resin. Also, due to recent shortages of blanks, it makes even more sense to make boards with EPS foam and Epoxy resin. Epoxy 101 Volume 1 Shaping is instructed by the Epoxy Master Greg Loehr who was at the for front o

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