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Five Summer Stories
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Five Summer Stories

By: Greg MacGillivray - Jim Freeman
When: 1972
Who: Billy Hamilton, Eddie Aikau, Sam Hawk, Butch Van Artsdalen, Jock Sutherland, BK, Jeff Hakman, Terry Fitzgerald, Oberg, Lynne Boyero, Gerry Lopez
Music: Honk


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FueledA time of explosive change in surfing as well as society. All the 70s stars are present including Lopez and Hakman. It is the culmination of a ten year celebration that includes the classics ,"Free and Easy, Waves of Change and The Sunshine Sea". In Five Summer Stories Greg and Jim give us five-plus exciting, controversial and beautiful stories abour surfing. Also features a great skateboarding segment and animated shorts like Acapulco Gold . Excellent cinematography. Heralded as "the finest surf movie ever made," Five Summer Stories is a cultural icon. Code named "The Last Surfing Movie" during production, the movie portrays a young, outlaw sport at a strategic point in its creative evolution- and at an historic crux in time. - Surfer Magazine
Song list
1. Creation
2. Blue Of Your Backdrop
3. Brad And Davids Theme
4. High In The Middle
5. Hum Drums
6. Bears Country
7. Made My Statement (Love You Baby)
8. Dont Let Your Goodbye Stand
9. Lopez
10. Blue Of Your Backdrop (instrumental)
11. Tunnel Of Love
12. Pipeline Sequence

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