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Five mm Canada
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Five mm Canada

By: Ground Swell Productions
When: 1999
Where: Vancouver Island, Nova Scotia, Cox Bay, Canada's West to East Coast
Who: Jesse Oke, Sepp Bruhwiler, Raph Bruhwiler, Lance Moore, Issaiah Oke, Peter Devries
Music: Smokin Frogs, Gob, Unknown Cowboy Kila, Madison


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A West to East Coast Surf Adventure in Canadas Wilderness by Aaron Jackson . Featuring Canadas best surfers.Surfing on both coasts, See breathtaking scenery and wildlife in a uniquely Canadian surfing scene. Enjoy a tightly edited video of quality surfers on quality waves with great music youve never heard before! The music is a mixture of some new school punk but balanced with some energy flow tunes and even some unique Celtic/raggae style music. A sick snowboarding section using Adventurscope/Brainwoks Multimedia footage from Quest and Wildlife mixed with hill-bombs on a skateboard. A few other boarder types, cold waves. 5mm suits, breathtaking wildlife and scenery, interviews and a few strange people. This video is in Memory of Jesse Oke who died a week before 5mm Canada was completed.

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