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By: JBrother
When: 1995
Who: Bonga Perkins, Dino Miranda, Joel Tudor, Donald Takayama, Kevin Connelly, Nat Young, Rell Sunn
Music: beastie boys, nina simone, hawaiian music


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Far ahead of its time and stylistically influential in the movement back to surfing-as-art film in the tradition of Albe Falzons Morning of the Earth and George Greenoughs Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, Adrift offers a rare and early glimpse into the surfing lifestyle and what would become the beginnings of the modern day longboard renaissance. Witness Bonga Perkins, Dino Miranda and a young Joel Tudor (17-20 years old) along the way to their world championships, as well as a host of the top longboarders of the day: Donald Takayama, Kevin Connelly, Nat Young, Rell Sunn, Buffalo and Rusty Keaulana, Joey Valentin and Lance Hookano surf into the sun-drenched time lapses and beautiful panoramas all stage-setting scene-stealers as exceptional camera work, edition and production value capture the beauty and innocence of "the best longboard surfing...and the best surf film soundtrack" of the modern era. Forging a unique and soulful influential style that had not been seen in a long time, and has not been matched since, Adrift shatters the surf movie mold in true Jbrother style.

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