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By: 34 Days Productions
When: 2005
Who: Al Merrick, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren


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The story focuses on Channel Islands Surfboards founder and world-renowned surfboard craftsman Al Merrick and his special relationships with the team of world champion Channel Islands Team riders and arguably the two best and most influential surfers ever: Kelly Slater (6 time world champion) and Tom Curren (3 time world champion). The film highlights Als visionary approach that cultivated the Channel Islands Team riders talent into 19 world titles, bringing you back to the early 60s with the evolution of the shortboard and take you on a journey up to present day. We relive those profound years that experienced a revolutionary leap forward in surfing design, performance, and image, and weave through to the present where you experience first hand what it takes to be a part of the most progressive surfing team in the world. Flow reveals the core, revolutionary changes that resulted in a worldwide recognition of modern surfing. It is not just a surf film with beautiful imagery and a loose story structure, but rather a heart-felt, soulful perspective on one mans influence on a bevy of talented individuals. This film will not only illustrate the revolution of modern surfing, but it will inspire people that are completely distanced from the sport into a whole new way of thinking about these athletes and the lives they lead. It speaks to the hearts and minds of anyone who seeks adventure or wants to tap into the mystical sides of their personality.

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