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Endless Summer II
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Endless Summer II

By: Bruce Brown
When: 1991
Where: Costa Rica, Tavarua, South America, South Africa, Alaska, Waimea
Who: Robert "Wingnut" Weaver, Pat O'Connell
Music: Gary Hoey and Phil Marshall, Dick Dale


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Twenty-eight years after directing the hit documentary The Endless Summer, Bryan Brown went on a similar quest with two surfers to find the perfect wave. With a bigger budget and more sophistication in the production, this sequel is even more spectacular. What is lost in innocence--which The Endless Summer was rich in--is made up for in stunning looks at pristine beaches on exotic and even unlikely (for example, Alaska) shores. Highlights: Don Kings underwater shots, Alaska, Wingnuts longboard mastery around the world, Tom Curren, all-time Tavarua with Slater and Carroll, definitive North Shore moments, fun on the West Side, and a spot on Gerry Lopez and Laird Hamilton including huge, perfect Peahi (Jaws).

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