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Above and Beyond
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Above and Beyond

By: Tony Roberts
When: 1995
Where: California, Hawaii, Peru, Centro America, and Mexico
Who: Tom Curren, Ratboy Collins, Barney Barron, Matt Archbold, Flea Virotsko, Jay Larson, Sunny Garcia, Shane Powel, Justin Poston, Josh Mulcoy, Perer Mel
Music: Pantera, Kyuss, Da Younstas, Sons of Elvis, Further, Grip inc., Low Pop Suicide, Sad Happy, Da Lench Mob, the Ex-Idold, Terror Fabulous, Fu-Manchu, Mock, Dream Theatre, Odd Numbers, Lil Half Dead, and Skunkweed.


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Above and Beyond is a mood rollercoaster ride, reflecting surfings diverse feelings. From tranquil to gut wrenching, this one flows from beautiful soul sessions to boost and carve sparring matches. All killer and no filler. From the maker of OZone, Progression Sessions, Mental Surfing 1 and 2, and Risk It, comes the movie with the moves, music and from-the-water cinematography that shatters every standard of every other surf movie on the planet. Move for move, wave for wave, camera angle for camera angle, Above And Beyond goes off the videometers in every way you like it. Central and South America, pumping Hawaii, cut-loose Mexico, and fully agro California Youll be wanting your own on-the-way-to-the-beach soundtracks from Pantera, Kyuss, Low Pop Suicide, Sons of Elvis, Da Youngstas, Further, The Ex Idols, Ween, Da Lench Mob

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