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Occy - the Occumentary
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Occy - the Occumentary

By: Billabong
When: 1998
Where: Jeffreys Bay, Bells Beach,
Who: Mark Occhilupo, Curren, Egan
Music: Foo Fighters. Micheal Brook, Ed Kuepper, Powerfinger, Youthu Yindi, Manbreak, Rip Van hippy, Story Time, OMC, Submarine


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Surfer Magazine Video of the Year
Produced by legendary surf videographer Jack McCoy. A documentary of Mark Occhilupo from the humble beginning to the incredible present. Includes 1984 Country Feeling Classic at Jeffreys Bay, 1986 OP Pro Semis. Following Mark from Cronulla grommet, to his amazing comeback.

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