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Native State
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Native State

By: Rick Doyle
When: 2000
Where: Hawaii, California, Mavericks,
Who: Peter Cole, Fred Van Dyke, Ken Bradshaw,


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Interviews with Peter Cole and Fred Van Dyke, along with some classic old footage of early Waimea set the pace for what becomes an interesting look at big-wave surfing. Ken Bradshaw talks about his biggest wave (Outer Log Cabins, January 28, 1998). Some good Mavericks footage.
Native State is a journey into the surf zone, into a crystalline geography of twisting barrels and shifting surfaces. Its a study of flow and soul and reckless abandon. Its a portrait of some edge-dwellers playing on the fine line between sanity and all-out fun. From the curtain calls at pipeline to the cold green mountains of Mavericks; from pioneering backgrounds to kite-sailing playgrounds; from spongers on napalm to strappers on the biggest waves ever ridden - its all here for the taking. To ride majestic walls of water. To surf the greatest of waves. To journey into places that grow ever more rare. This is the place where a man or a woman meets nature in the wild and join it in a magical dance.

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