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By: Volcom
When: 2000
Where: Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, Californai
Who: Bruce Irons, Gavin Beschen, Kamalei Alexander, Tai Vandyke, Barney Barron, Dustin Quizon, Ozzie wright
Music: Camp Kill Yourself, Cky, Hovercraft, The Line, Monsieur Leroc, 400 blows, Inbredjed


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Cinematography by Brad Anderson. Published by Veeco Productions. Created by- richard woolcott and troy eckert - the true character of life is measured by mess and noise. Veecos new 16mm surf film is now on video. Big and small wave riding are captured in Volcom???s newest surfing release. Showcases Brucies talents straight off the bat -- pulling in at Pipe, carving Sunset and charging all over the North Shore. Volcoms formidable team riders, including Gavin Beschen disproving his San Clemente upbringing on big surf. Kamalei Alexander and Tai VanDyke trading off at perfect Honolua Bay, Barney Barron at home and elsewhere showing off his fins, super grom Dustin Cuizon carving at home and cover-boy Ozzie Wright showing off his style on assorted Aussie beachbreaks.

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