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Take A Trip
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Take A Trip

By: Fluid Films
When: 1999
Where: Hawaii, California
Who: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Pat O???connell, Ratboy, Shane Dorian, Shane Beshen, Ross Williams, Sunny Garcia, Andy Irons, Jeff Deffenbaugh, Taylor Knox, Seth Elmer, Corey Lopez, Tom Rezvan, Bruce Irons
Music: Keoki, Cirrus, Tijuana no!, The queers,


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Produced by Paul Barranco - Recently filmed by on Kodak stock color 16mm film and video comes our surf video, Take A Trip. The film itself offers its viewer an alternate look at some of the strongest talent the sport has to offer. The filmmaker keeps his audiences??? attention while journeying through this cinematic expedition by supplying them with non-stop candy for the eyes and ears. With an amped soundtrack played at a high level, this audio-visual experience wil lnot soon be forgotten.

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