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Endless Summer Revisited
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Endless Summer Revisited

By: Bruce Brown
When: 2000
Who: Hobie Alter, Robert August, Bruce Brown, Dana Brown, Krab Dorsey, Ironman Doyle, Da Bull Noll, Pat O'Connell, Steve Pezman, The Hawk Velzy, Wingnut Weaver.


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Revisited is a documentry style video about the making of the endless summer films, the career of Bruce Brown and stories from the surfers involved. Bruce Brown and filmmaker son, Dana, have created an all new classic, featuring never-before-seen footage from The Endless Summer. Embark on a journey of adventure, discovery, and the incredible challenge of facing a fifteen foot wall of water as the sports greatest surfers look back on the thrills, the spills, and the movie that uniquely embraced the lifelong search for that shining beach, that glowing sunset, that perfect wave. A beach A board A man and a camera It sounds so simple, yet in 1966 a young filmmaker named Bruce Brown captured the essence of a sport as never before. To stand atop a crescendo of water, to ride on natures all powerful wave feeling the speed and spray accelerate with each moment, and to embrace a lifestyle uniquely connected to a single word, surfing. The film was "The Endless Summer"

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