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The Power Zone
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The Power Zone

By: Premier Productions
When: 2000
Where: Hawaii
Who: Pete Cabrinha, Chris Calthrop, Chris Gilbert, Pascal Hardy, Fadi Issa, Elliot Leboe, Don Montague, Robby Naish, Rush Randle, Mauricio Toscano, Lou Wainman


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The Power Zone, Hawaii, an all out Kiteboarders video shot from every possible angle, special mounts, helicopters. Join the world???s top extreme sports producers, makers of best sellers TOTAL INSANITY 1 and 2, LIQUID THUNDER, and THE FORCE as they strap you in the pilot???s seat alongside the most insane kiteboarders ever. The sport of the new millenium - Captured from special camera mounts, helicopters and jetskis, the Power Zone becomes alive with explosive new moves. From kiting in huge twenty-foot waves at ???Jaws??? to flashy flatwater moves and suicidal wipe outs, this video has something for everyone. The Ultimate Sport, The Ultimate Kite Video. Kite surfing - Flysurfing

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