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Y2K Surfing without a Net
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Y2K Surfing without a Net

By: Chris Gabriel Productions
When: 1999
Where: Southern California
Who: Cory Lopez, Dean Randazzo, Todd Kline, Dan Kennedy, Adam Virs, Justin Poston, Shea Lopez, Travis Molina


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As we pull out of the 1900s and take off into the third millenium it feels like a planetary clean up set is lumping up on the horizon with enough juice to wipe us all out. Computers, Satellites and the Internet tying it alll together. Will it actually give us more freedom or end up enslaving us into a world of electronic dependancy. Let the yuppies surf the net and get caught in its web. We dont care about those fools. Come y2k were just paddlin out anyway.

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 1999  Y2K Surfing without a Net