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XXL Biggest Wave Wins
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XXL Biggest Wave Wins

By: Swell
When: 2001
Where: Cortes Bank, Maverick's, Jaws, Todos Santos, Waimea
Who: Mike Parsons, Flea, Laird Hamilton, Brad Gerlash, Jay Moriarity, Noah Johnson


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 XXL Biggest Wave Wins 

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The full story on the historic winter of 00/01. Between Nov. 15 2000 and March 22 2001 big wave surfers from around the world tackled the largest surf of the winter in hopes of the Swell.com/Surfline Award. Includes Mavericks, Jaws, Todos Santos, Waimea, and exclusive footage from the historic Cortes Bank expedition where surfers went for broke in their quest for the record Swell/XXL $60,000 award money

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 2001  XXL Biggest Wave Wins