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Wake up call
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Wake up call

By: Envision Films
When: 1990s
Where: Hawaiian outer reefs, Baja, Fiji
Who: Hamilton, Kerbox, Dave Kalama, Pete Cabrinha, Gerry Lopez, Rush Randle, Shawn Barron, Tim Curran
Music: Jimi Hendrix, others


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Enter the worlds of STRAP SURFING and POWER SURFING. The most recent underground movement in surfing. Witness the biggest waves ever ridden. Half a mile offshore are huge thick barreling, boiling, thundering death waves breaking on a Hawaiian mysto reef. Surfer Magazine raves about the "spectacular aerial cinematography of Hamilton, Kerbox, Dave Kalama, Pete Cabrinha, Gerry Lopez and others riding very small boards in very big waves. Dave Nash should get an Oscar for some of his aerial shots . . . The outer reef these guys surf is as lethal as it is spectacular. Theres a shot of Lopez getting the hell out of a wave that spits harder than any wave weve ever seen. Hamilton surfs closest to the ragged edge. He goes so fast at times he looks like a speed skiier, and some of the giant, swooping turns he does will get you right in the adrenal gland . . . Rush Randle regularly goes for 360 and 720 helicopters and loops. The ones he makes, at 30 mph, will have Shawn Barron, Tim Curran and other young aerialists genuflecting with respect." This movie breaks down all the barriers.

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