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Voluptuous: The Big Movie
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Voluptuous: The Big Movie

By: Snapping Turtle
When: 1995
Where: Hawaii, more
Who: Sunny Garcia, Cory Lopez, Taylor Knox, Braden Dias, Shea Lopez, Andy Irons, Jay Larsen, Kasey Curtis, Matt Archbold, Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, Pat O'Connell, Chris Strother, Chris Ward, Tim Curran, Justin Mattereson


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This video has some of the most incredible surfing action that you will ever see: backside 360 floaters, Aerial flips, deep Backdoor barrels, and bone-crushing wipeouts. The video also has other great action: Girls in bikinis, Randall going over a cliff in a trash can, lime juice in fresh reef cuts, teeth flying, frisbee tossing, and dancing strippers. Its only flaw is that it takes a long time to show all of this, well over two hours. Due to its incredible length, it also features just about every professional surfer in the business. Overall though it has some of the best surfing caught on film, Corey Lopez, Chris Ward, and Shea Lopez have incredible segments, as well as Shawn Briley going left at Waimea and getting fully BARRELED and coming out, as well as Kelly Slaters incredible performence at the 1995 Pipe Masters.

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