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Tripping The Planet
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Tripping The Planet

By: Rip Curl
When: 1990s
Where: Undiscovered domains
Who: Powelly, Pancho, Hedgey, Davo, Frankie, Justin, Mikala, Gleavey


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By World Waves - Sony Miller and Derek Hynd - New crews venture into undiscovered domains in the latest chapter of surf tripping and ripping. From postcard-perfect tropical paradises to the ball-shrinking waters of the Great Southern Ocean, The Search enters a new era of cutting edge surfing. The Rip Curl trippers are Powelly, Pancho, Hedgey, Davo, Frankie, Justin, Mikala, and Gleavey. Surfer Magazine calls it a "Visual feast . . . cut together in a fashion that would have been called "trippy back in the 70s: fast cuts, lots of images, visual jokes, sublimations. The surfing is stellar. Shot in film by Sonny Miller, the surfing images are blue and crisp, with a suitably ethereal soundtrack." Absolutely beautiful scenery, sick surfing, cutting edge water photography and editing make this an epic surf film that is guaranteed to stoke anyone who has ever stuck their foot in the ocean.

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