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Thicker Than Water
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Thicker Than Water

By: Woodshed Films
When: 1999
Where: Indonesia, Tahiti, India, Ireland, France, OZ, Hawaii, and NYC
Who: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Timmy Curran, Chris Malloy, Kieth Malloy, Dan Malloy, Benji Weatherley, Shane Dorian, Brad Gerlach, Bobby Martinez, Conan Hayes, Noah Johnson, Raimana and Saxon Boucher, Taylor Knox,
Music: G Love and Special Sauce Guns, Cars and Sitars The Cheiftians Original score by: Jack Johnson


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The Moonshine Conspiracy, a.k.a. Chris Malloy and friends, brings you this amazing film. One of the only surf movies ever to be filmed entirely on 16mm film, this is a surf film made entirely by surfers for surfers. It is beautiful, funny and, above all, true.
The title "THICKER THAN WATER" comes from the idea that what our lives are about is more than just playing in the ocean and that the people we travel with and meet are more than just friends.The biggest waves ever ridden in Tahiti.

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