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The Year of the Tiger
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The Year of the Tiger

By: Gene Kreyd
When: 1990s
Where: Bali, Uluwatu, Padang,


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Every surfer (and even their girlfriends) dream of going to Bali. Gene Kreyd spent a year filming Year of the Tiger, to bring todays Bali scene to you. Your Bali adventure begins with The Dream mixing perfect empty waves, beautiful women, sunsets and the Fortune Teller invoking us to visit his mystical Island. The Arrival is the Racetrack at Uluwatu with the locals getting deep green tubes and outsurfing many of the pros. The Vortex brings us the seasons most incredible waves at Padang, then through colorful terraced farmland beyond the duck-herders to an insane session on the outside corner of Uluwatu. The famous Full Moon Party is heightened by the Indo Revolution, marching in the streets, a cremation ceremony, then a happy ending- a new swell at Padang! Kiss of Death is the end of the season in Bali, celebrated with heavenly dancers, cockfights, and the last huge swell at Padang with deep entrancing tube rides. If you liked Bali High or Lost in Costa Rica, you will love Year of the Tiger.

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