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Storm Riders
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Storm Riders

By: McCoy / Hoole
When: 1982
Where: Bali, Indonesia, Hawaii, South Africa, Queensland, South Australia
Who: Dick Hoole Jack McCoy, Mark Richards, Wayne Lynch, Rabbit Batholomew, Gerry Lopez, Simon Anderson, Thornton Fallander, Tommy Carroll, Robbie Naish
Music: The Doors, Men at Work - Split Enz - Mondo Rock - Australian Crawl - The Church - Mi-Sex


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Come on the ride of your life with the Stormriders! Experience the excitment, the terror, the sheer force as the worlds top wave riders travel to Bali, Hawaii . . . brave the treacherous coastline of Africa and the Great Australian Bight in the greatest ocean adventure ever filmed. Featuring Mark Richards, Wayne Lynch, Rabbit Batholomew, Gerry Lopez, Simon Anderson, Thornton Fallander, Tommy Carroll, and world champion windsurfer Robbie Naish. With the greatest music youll ever hear with Men at Work, Split Enz, Mondo Rock, Australian Crawl, The Church, Mi-Sex, and more. Dick Hoole and Jack McCoy are two of the most incredible surfing film-makers that have ever lived, and Storm Riders, is the greatest ocean adventure of all time.- . Storm riders was filmed mostly in 1980 and released in 1981and Directored by David Lourie
The film is dedicated to Eddi Aikau and features much of the then current world champion Mark Richards. The 1981 Bells Beach contest feature the biggest waves ever seen there with Simon Anderson dominating on his thruster. This is followed by the Stubbies and other crowded Queensland locations. Then a sequence on the late Ted Deerhurst, windsurfing at Johanna, the OM-Bali contest. Africa with Shaun ripping at Jefferies Bay, back to Hawaii with closeup of Ala Moana, then on to the North Shore. Gerry Lopez travels to Java for some wonderful left walls, and the film ends with a sequence in the Australian outback with Wayne Lynch and Morris Coe, plus whales, dolphins, and perfect waves.

The film is preceded by "Kongs Island" a light-hearted fantasy with Gary Elkerton, Rabbit Bartholomew and Chappy Jennings.

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