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Snuff the Movie
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Snuff the Movie

By: Tim Bonython
When: 1999
Where: Hawaii, Indonesia, Austraila, Kirra, Spain
Who: Tom Carroll, Shea and Cory Lopez, Kelly Slater


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Content:: For Mature Audiences :
A no holds barred hard core blood and guts, tell all Hawaiian surf stuff video shot over a 3 year period. We go to G-Land Indonesia with Tom Carroll, Shea and Cory Lopez and crew, getting Barrelled off their nut. Go wakeboarding with the worlds most advanced wakeboarder Scott Byerly from Florida. Check out the surf pros going hard in Spain while matadors get ripped apart in Bayonne France. Go surfin around Austraila with Surfings Who Who and See Kirra Ropin - Burleigh Smokin - Bells Bustin and The Box Barrellin. A look at the Texan Wave Pool with World Snowboard Champ Terje Haakinson, Chris Miller and Tony Hawk. And we profile up and coming Taj Burrow and 5 times World Champ Kelly Slater. All of this mixed together with some of the Worlds Sexiest Beach babes.

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