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Runman 69
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Runman 69

By: Runman
When: 1989
Where: California, Hawaii
Music: Agent Orange, Surfpunks


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Morgan Runyon and Ray Kleiman. After being held prisoner for five boring years of repetitive surf-trick videos, the Runmam episodes have been re-released! Surfing Magazines `Totally Limp to `Full Woody rating system puts Runman 69 in the Penthouse centerfold catagorie. Beavus and Butthead are an obvious rippoff from Runman, the originator of irreverant humor. From the whackiest semi-planned skits, to wipeouts from the depths of hell, some really mean and violent locals, ultra close up shots of girls butts and breasts, and even some pretty decent surfing at secret and well known surf spots in California and Hawaii- Runman 69 has everything, and maybe even more than you bargain for when you pick up a surf movie. Thrasher Magazine says, ""This is what happens when you put a movie camera in the hands of a lunatic from Malibu. The highlight of each Runman video is the suicidal sandbar surfers who make appearances in all three movies. They surf brutal shorebreaks with no regard for their own personal safety

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