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Runman 2 Headbutt Party
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Runman 2 Headbutt Party

By: Runman
When: 1988


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By Morgan Runyon and Ray Kleiman. Rolling Stone Magazine calls Runman 2 "Far from an idyllic romp through the kingdom of Frankie and Annette, this is LA beach reality, circa late `80s- complete with crowds, punks and less-than-perfect waves. Is this a message film or just another movie about dog poop, dogs humping, wipeouts, surfers in drag, beer-drinking dogs, beach babes, sewer spills and good local waves? Who cares, as long as its fun?"
Surfer Magazine says, "Depending on your age or tastes, youll love seeing the guy doing the floater get a surfboard between the legs, bodyboarder go ovet the falls face-first, or the longboarder pay for his soul arch by getting kneecapped by the lip. Runman has a wipeout for everyone. . . slamdancing suburban bodies drenched in sweat and beer, blood from Topanga skateboard crashes and hideous Baja highway collisions, dredlocks and Drew Steeles blonde wig, cheep perfume, coconut wax, peroxide, plumeria, Malibu Lagoon, sewage spills and other stagnation. And the sweet cleansing breezes of the Pacific". The highlight of each Runman video is the suicidal sandbar surfers who make appearances in all three movies. They surf brutal shorebreaks with no regard for their own personal safety

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