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By: Runman
When: 1987
Where: California


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By Morgan Runyon and Ray Kleiman. The first in a series of the most hillareous cult underground surf movies ever made. Surfer Magazine calls this a "Direct hit . . worthwhile and entertaining: aggressive, rough, and stinking of rebellion. Parents probably wont like it. But for the slashing young guns `round the world, this is the real stuff. . . ungodly wipeouts . . . deepest tube rides ever filmed in California . . whiplash no exit sand grinders . .Runman is a sadist and assumes we are too . . Not your average third-generation Bruce Brown xerox, flogging his latest `radical-action-all-new-footage-hardcore-best-ever surf production. . . Worth the price of admission." As Runman would say: "Dig the massive energy and dont take it too seriously." The highlight of each Runman video is the suicidal sandbar surfers who make appearances in all three movies. They surf brutal shorebreaks with no regard for their own personal safety.

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