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Raw Irons
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Raw Irons

By: Gotcha
When: 1999
Where: Hawaii, The Box, Tahiti, Indonesia
Who: Andy Irons, Braden, Chava, Strider, Kai, Kamalei, Kaimana, Wardo, Kasey, Cory, Tom Carroll. Tom Curren. Martin Potter. Kelly Slater. Rob Machado
Music: Beastie Boys, Los Amigos Invisibales, Econoline Crush, White Zombie, Henry Rollins


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A video profile of Surfer Andy Irons. There arent many surfers in the world who have the talent to carry an entire video by themselves, but Andy Irons, in Snapping Turtles latest release, more than proves his worth. Irons has never been known to hog the microphone and he stays true to form in this visual biography. "I dont want too much talking in my video," he says at the beginning. "I want more surfing and less talking." He follows up with a grand total of one more sentence in the entire 30-minute show. But thats not to say you dont get a feel for what this future world title contender is all about. Each flicker of an image in Raw Irons means something to Andy, from the early home videos of he and his brother Bruce playing "spear the queer" to Titus Kinimaka on guitar to his seven-second barrel on a triple-overhead wave in Kauai. In clear, concise segments, Irons is shown blasting at a playful right in Tahiti, breaking every horizontal plane possible in Indo and peaking in Huntington, where he won the U.S. Open and the Op Pro back to back. Add to this a refreshing, primarily hip-hop soundtrack and spot-on editing with tasteful threads of artsiness, and you have a complete package--one worth watching a dozen times and then storing right behind Kelly Slater in Black and White and Searching for Tom Curren

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