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Beyond Monster Mavericks
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Beyond Monster Mavericks

By: Megalodon
When: 1996
Where: Todos Santos, Mavericks, Waimea, Puerto Escondido, Jaws
Who: Matt Ambrose, Ken Bradshaw, Chris Brown, Pete Cabrinha, Jeff Clark, Vince Collier, Darrick Doerner, Steve Dwyer, Laird Hamilton, Taylor Knox, Brock Little, Josh Loya, Peter Mel, Richard Schmidt, Evan Slater, Kelly Slater
Music: Offspring, Snuff, Brutal Juice, Lab, Supernovice, Becky Sharp.


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A contemporary collection of the biggest waves ridden by man. Plus the scariest wipeouts ever seen. Shot on location around the world by the greatest lineup of big wave cinematographers ever, including Larry Haynes, Dan Parker, Dave Ogle, Stephen Spaulding, Mark Matovich, Eric Nelson, Gary Medeiros, and Perry Miller. Vince Collier calls all the other big wave spots just a warm-up for Mavericks, but you be the judge. Some still say Waimea, the first big wave spot conquered by early surfers is still the biggest thickest wave that will ever be ridden. Many Californians head for Mexicos offshore waters to experience the thick deep bowls of Todos Santos. When you see talented big wave riders being tossed like salad by four foot thick Puerto Escondido barells that could encapsulate a truck you will forget to take your next breath. Laird Hamiltons crew are certain to make you instant believers that Jaws is the ultimate big wave, as they are towed, strapped to their boards, by jet skis and launched at 40 mph into waves that threaten to (and sometimes do) squash them like bugs. And then, theres Mavericks . . . Watch, and shiver with fear, and decide for yourself.

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