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Quiksilver Country
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Quiksilver Country

By: Quiksilver
When: 1998
Where: Australia, others
Who: Tom Carrolll, Kelly Slater, Tim Curran, Ross Clarke-Jones, Rusty Keaulana, Braden Deas, Will Lewis, Matt Hoy, Ben Bourgeois, Jake Spooner, Mick Campbell
Music: Archive, PVC, Dub War, Ferva, Powerman 5000, Maile Serenaders, Angelique Kidjo, Endorphin, Gary Hoey, Skunkhour


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By Quiksilver and Pavilion Productions - Quiksilver Country is a place without borders, a territory of perfectly perfect surf. Tom Carrolll and Kelly Slater are the masters of this domain, Lisa Andersen is first lady, Tim Curran is the man in waiting, Ross Clarke-Jones is the court jester, Rusty Keaulana is sergeant at arms, and they all are attended by a talented entourage, including Braden Deas, Will Lewis, Matt Hoy, Ben Bourgeois, Jake Spooner and Mick Campbell. In big, blue, challenging barreling reef surf, it is hard to imagine a more potent combination of backside/frontside finesse that Slater and Carroll. In perfect reef-pass situations, the immortal pair do it the way the rest of us dream of doing it. Their surfing is the core of Quiksilver Country, while the aforementioned supporting cast does its best to maintain the pace. Longboard world champion Rusty Kealulana masters Makaha with his dad, Buffalo. And world champion Lisa Andersen takes out her motherly aggression in Australia. Epileptics might want to avoid the videos fourth segment, a quick-cut montage of single maneuvers by all of the junior Quiksilver team members. Quality surfers, quality waves, quality production. Quiksilver coughed up some pretty serious coin to make this film, hiring Jeff Hornbaker and Don King to do the shooting. The entire show is shot in film, which is a beautiful thing in a world of video grain. Nick Carroll wrote the script, Alby and mark Falzon did the editing, and someone with good taste picked the music.

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