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By: SGO Productions
When: 1999
Where: Western and Gold Coast of Australia, some right deep in the heart of Indonesia
Who: Luke Egan, Munga Barry, Hans Hagen, Dylan Longbottom, Drew Courtney, Shannon Pollard
Music: Hyndsight, Melancholy, Wagamama, Large Rabbit, Quadbox, Nitocris, Playground of Hate, Pennidredful, Gorgeous


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Scott Ovens phenomenal follow up to last years #1 Australian blockbuster Drive. Featuring the top Aussies, who are now dominating the top 40 pro circuit. All shot on high quality DV. Surf exploration and discovery is still very much alive as we head into the 21st Century. If you want the proof, check this video out. Director Scott Ovens delivers a powerful message from the opening shot with a crew of young Aussie rippers enjoying the fruits of one of the worlds sickest right handers. SURFER fanatics might recognize the wave from last months four-page sequence of Hans Hagen pulling into a lovely beast. Hans was understandably a little vague about the location of this tropical freight train, but the Aussies have left a few more clues for you in order to help you narrow it down. Unfortunately, the name of the spot is too vulgar for us to print. While this wave is the obvious highlight of the video, there is more. Youll get a look at some of the lesser-known Australian rippers like Dylan Longbottom, Drew Courtney and Shannon Pollard, as well as some celebrity veterans like Luke Egan and Munga Barry. When Ovens isnt exposing mysterious location, he offers the Western and Gold Coast of Australia as backdrops. Theres a little too much contest footage, and the talent level isnt always top notch, but the soundtrack is pretty refreshing and the fresh faces and new spots will keep you happy. - Surfer Magazine

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