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Barefoot Adventure
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Barefoot Adventure

By: Bruce Brown
When: 1960
Where: South Shore, Queens, 3's, Ala Moana, Trestles, Steamer Lane, Waimea, Sunset, Makaha.
Music: Original score by the jazz legend Bud Shank


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Barefoot AdventureThis film from the Bruce Brown Collection explores the trials and tribulations of the barefoot adventurers from the Wedge to Waimea. One the great surfing films of the fifties and early sixties - Classic South Shore surfing at Queens, 3s and Ala Moana. Classic Trestles, the Huntington Pier crew, some of the first ever Steamer Lane footage, gigantic Waimea, pristine Sunset, and big backwash at Makaha. Cut to an original score by the jazz legend Bud Shank

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